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Welcome to Phrog Studios.

Let phrog jump to your rescue.

Whatever your requirements Phrog Studios can ensure that you and your company obtain a credible presence on the World Wide Web.

North East Technic Ltd

Portable Box.

It's portable and it's a box.

A small eCommerce website selling a rather useful Storage Case/Box.  Made from impact resistant materials, this durable and portable storage box is a must for keeping yourself organised.


North East Technic.

The Re-mapping and Window Tinting Specialist.

Intelligent performance, improved driving dynamics and increased fuel economy are all the attributes required to improve your driving experience.

North East Technic

CW Interactive.

Thoughtful technology.

Audience Response is an exciting way of connecting with your audience, to involve them during presentations and encourage participation.

CW Interactive


The solution is clear.

Paintshield Ltd is the premier independent supplier of Paint Protection and Painted Film products to the European marketplace.


Web Design

flexible website design

Website's can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. However, there are a few basic principles that assist in the success of any website.

Design is not just how the website looks, there are many different considerations.

We believe that functionality and simplicity are the key principles to any successful website but it must stay true to its objectives.

Web Development

feature rich & dynamic content

The term "Web development" has various meanings within the industry but at Phrog Studios it is used to describe the subsequent stages after a design has been chosen.

Web Development is the process of turning a design concept into a working website. This process is carried out in two stages and is referred to as front and back end development.

Web Services

full website building service

We specialise in providing the complete website service.

If you require assistance with the creation of content for your website, we do offer a range of individual support services.  This could be in the form of photography, illustrative artwork, copy text, video editing or other associated digital services. Please contact us to discuss any specific requirements you may have.

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Domestic House Cleaners - Home Clean Home

Home Clean Home provide both private domestic cleaning services and end of tenancy cleans.

If you are looking for a local, trustworthy and flexible domestic cleaning company, perhaps a new years resolution then you should give them a call.