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Welcome to Phrog Studios.

Let phrog jump to your rescue.

Whatever your requirements Phrog Studios can ensure that you and your company obtain a credible presence on the World Wide Web.

North East Technic Ltd

Portable Box.

It's portable and it's a box.

A small eCommerce website selling a rather useful Storage Case/Box.  Made from impact resistant materials, this durable and portable storage box is a must for keeping yourself organised.


North East Technic.

The Re-mapping and Window Tinting Specialist.

Intelligent performance, improved driving dynamics and increased fuel economy are all the attributes required to improve your driving experience.

North East Technic

CW Interactive.

Thoughtful technology.

Audience Response is an exciting way of connecting with your audience, to involve them during presentations and encourage participation.

CW Interactive


The solution is clear.

Paintshield Ltd is the premier independent supplier of Paint Protection and Painted Film products to the European marketplace.


About us

So why Phrog Studios?


Any successful website must be intuitive, credible, have original, informative and continuously changing content as this will ensure that your visitors return. We are completely focused on providing small to medium sized businesses a credible presence on the World Wide Web. Phrog Studios will go to great lengths to understand what your company objectives are and what you hope to achieve from your website.

We doubt very much you will find a Website Designer and Developer more committed to the interests of their clients. It is so important to us that our clients get exactly what they were expecting and at a price they were expecting to pay. As part of our commitment to our clients, every client has direct contact with the designer, developer and the company owner all the way through the development process. Should you need to contact us during the development process you can be confident that the answers you recieve will be the most current as you will be talking to the right person all of the time.

What makes Phrog Studios different?

Phrog Studios was built on the belief that we can offer something different, something we could be proud of. Old fashioned values such as trust, honesty and integrity remain of paramount importance in our business relationships, but it's not just about that.

It's about providing that little bit extra, going that extra yard. It's about believing and sharing our clients aspirations and delivering what we promise. It's about listening, understanding and adapting to trends, following new directions, trying something new.

Due to the competitive nature of our business and the myriad of Web Designers available today it means we have to remain competitive, but not to the detriment of service quality. We do not use templates to keep the development costs down, we are just realistic in our pricing philosophy. It's not about getting rich quick, it's about doing what we enjoy, plain and simple.

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