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Welcome to Phrog Studios.

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Whatever your requirements Phrog Studios can ensure that you and your company obtain a credible presence on the World Wide Web.

North East Technic Ltd

Portable Box.

It's portable and it's a box.

A small eCommerce website selling a rather useful Storage Case/Box.  Made from impact resistant materials, this durable and portable storage box is a must for keeping yourself organised.


North East Technic.

The Re-mapping and Window Tinting Specialist.

Intelligent performance, improved driving dynamics and increased fuel economy are all the attributes required to improve your driving experience.

North East Technic

CW Interactive.

Thoughtful technology.

Audience Response is an exciting way of connecting with your audience, to involve them during presentations and encourage participation.

CW Interactive


The solution is clear.

Paintshield Ltd is the premier independent supplier of Paint Protection and Painted Film products to the European marketplace.


Web Design

flexible website design

Web DesignWeb design is not just about its appearance, it is so much more than that. All areas of web design and development must seamlessly work together so that the website in its entirety helps fulfil the clients objectives.

We place significant importance on the Planning, Architecture, Technology, Search Engine Optimisation, Design Principles, Programming, Marketing and indeed Maintenance. Whether it is a Brochure style, eCommerce or a Content driven website, we are confident we have the experience to provide the right design to suit our clients needs.

what to look for

Design takes on many forms. After discussing with our clients their desires and aspirations, the first step is to develop a concept. This concept is not a web page at all but rather a graphic illustration of how the website is intended to look visually. We repeat this procedure for all of the main category pages which enables us to retain consistency throughout the website.  This is important as not to confuse and frustrate visitors whilst they navigate the site but also used to capture any design changes proposed at an early stage. Design will generally consider most, if not all of the following.

  • The design reflects the industry to which the company is related but clearly indicates the services and/or products on offer.
  • The navigation is intuitive and instantly recognisable to the user no matter which page of the website they are viewing.
  • The site content should be credible and contain information relative to the services on offer.
  • The structure and site Architecture is built on proven technology.
  • The font/text should be easy to read and not over elaborate or complicated.
  • Contact details readily available.
  • Maintainable - How best to maintain the website once completed.
  • Website accessibility.

We actively encourage clients to get involved in the initial design process.  This way the client shares their ideas and has free reign to express their thoughts and features they would like to see incorporated into their site.

Web Development

feature rich & dynamic content

Web DevelopmentThe term "Web development" has various meanings within the industry but at Phrog Studios it is used to describe the subsequent stages after a design has been chosen. Web Development is the process of turning a design concept into a working website. This process is carried out in two stages and is currently referred to as front and back end development.

Front end being development of HTML/CSS to create the part that you see on screen and back end development being development of the parts that you don't.

Front End Development

This process develops the concepts produced by the designer and turns them into working and functioning website's.  It's up to the Front End programmer to choose the most efficient way of replicating what the designer envisaged in terms of visual appearance and functionality.  Designing the website to efficiently direct Search Engines to the right area of the website is also a huge part of this process.

Back End Development

"Back-End" development is somewhat different. All the functionality of the website such as programming scripts, which enable dynamic processing of information from enquiry forms filled in by visitors for example, or the development of intricate databases is undertaken during this process. These programmers have in depth knowledge of many different programming languages, such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, ASP to name but a few.  Managing and processing dynamic information is the key responsibility but in simple terms it's all the information processed behind the scenes and not seen by the user.

Search Engine Marketing

how important is it really?

Search Engine MarkettingSearch Engine Marketing (SEM) relates to the way in which we advertise and market your website on the World Wide Web.  Using the tools available to us we aim to improve the visibility of your website, so that when users search for your chosen keywords or phrases, they will be able to successfully locate your products and/or services. If you are intending to use your site as a marketing tool and to attract as many customers to your site as possible, then SEM is often the most cost effective approach to achieving this.

The SEM we offer is in two main stages -

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There are two types of optimisations we can use to influence how search engines see your site on the World Wide Web. The importance of SEO varies from site to site, but that is no excuse for poorly implemented "on page" optimisations in any case.

  • On Page Optimisation - Through carefully chosen keywords and/or phrases, strategically placed thoughout your website we can influence the way in which Search Engines such as Google, classify and index pages of your website.  Well chosen keywords and phrases will help significantly in obtaining a higher Search Engine ranking.
  • Off Page Optimisation - Again using the same keywords and phrases selected for on page optimisation what we seek to accomplish here is to use these but contained within links referenced on other well known websites.  If your website has been active and on the World Wide Web for a number of years you may find that through the natural process of time your website already has external links to your website.  In our opinion this is a more efficient way of climbing the Search Engine Rankings.

Pay per Click (PPC)

  • This option will certainly provide immediate results based on your chosen keywords or phrases, but at a cost. You can achieve a first page position with the main Search Engines by paying for the privilege. In basic terms you pay to have a "sponsored link", which entitles your website to be placed at the top, or on the first page, providing the user searched for keywords which are used within your advertising campaign. However, not only do you pay to have PPC enabled, you should remember that you also pay a fee every time someone clicks on your link. Whist you continue to pay for this service your site will remain one of the top ranking sites in your field. The cost can vary considerably and depends on the size of your site, how competitive your chosen field is and what sort of campaign you wish to run.

Web Services

full website building service

Web ExtrasWe understand that when embarking on a new website for yourself or indeed your company, what can seem like a relatively simple process suddenly turns into something far more complicated and time consuming than originally first thought.

Web Services are additional services we offer.  These services can be undertaken individually and do not have to be related to the development of a website undertaken by Phrog Studios Ltd, support services if you like. We understand that producing credible and attractive content in keeping with a chosen design can sometimes be difficult, particularly if the client has opted to provide this. Website designers are nearly always tasked with moulding content provided by the client to blend in seamlessly with their original design, which isn't always easy or successful.

If you require further assistance with the creation of content for your website, we do offer a range of individual support services.

  • Adobe Flash Development - Animated Logo's, Banners, advertisements.
  • Photography Services - Advertising, Product Display or Commercial Photography.
  • Graphic Illustration.
  • Logo Design.
  • Copy Type.
  • Video Editing.

Should you require other services which are not shown above please feel free to contact us on +44 (0)1757 611211 or +44 (0)7834 318958 where it is highly likely we will be able to accommodate you or indeed point you in the right direction.